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DLD in 2012

Christmas is over now and I think this is the perfect segway to think about what we would like to do differently in the new year.  Celebrating the birth of Christ prompts me to want to take advantage of a time of rebirth for myself.  This week has given me an ample amount of time to reflect on years gone by and to plan for the year to come.  I have been praying about some changes that I need to make and have decided to devote each month to a certain area.  For example, during the month of January I will focus on my thinking – controlling what I think about and making sure my thoughts are positive.  Do you have any suggestions of areas that we can concentrate on during the 2012?  Let’s encourage each other through this journey.
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Times of Trouble

When life deals you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.  Right?  Most of us lean a little harder on the Lord when trouble comes knocking.  Are we listening for a word from Him?  Or, are we just looking for a quick fix so that we can get back to life as it was before?  Sometimes, in the midst of trials, God is trying to get your attention.  He is using the situation to remind you that He should be the center of your life.  Throughout hardships, we try especially hard to tune our ears to what God is saying.  Do we follow His voice if we don’t like or agree with what He is instructing us to do?  Are we willing to do as He says when we don’t understand?  Obeying God is difficult sometimes on a good day.  It can feel downright impossible during trying times.  However, in order to live better lives, we must follow God no matter what.  Lean not unto your own understanding…

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It’s Not About Me

Over the last few days, I have been feeling convicted because I haven’t been posting to this blog.  If this is going to be a daily devotional, then posting should occur daily, right?  You can’t just blog about it.  You’ve got to be about it!  This is what I feel I have been called to do so it must be done faithfully and with integrity.  I am not perfect.  My struggles are many; however, I believe that Christ will provide all the strength I need to persevere if I submit to His will and do things His way.  I am new at this, but I am determined to live my life in a different way – focusing on spiritual things rather than material possessions, finding ways to give rather than calculating what I can gain.  I finally understand that it’s really not about me, but about living my life in a way that glorifies Him.

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Christmas Day 2011

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s greatest gift to mankind.  This year has been a tough one for me, so I am especially focused on the birth of our Savior this year instead of the commercialized version of the season that the world promotes.  I am grateful that though my failures are numerous I am loved and forgiven.  I humbly accept the gift of salvation offered by Jesus.  As a mother, I am making sure that my children stop and “get” the real meaning behind Christmas.  That’s not to say that they aren’t excited by the many presents Santa’s sure to bring.  Our family has deliberately prioritized what’s important – not just during the holiday season, but every day throughout the year.  From now on, we’re doing life differently.

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Hello and welcome to my new blog, Doing Life Differently.  The purpose of my blog is to encourage others who are trying to live their lives in the Word instead of the world.  On some days, this path can be a tough one and if I can offer some help along the way I would consider it a blessing to do so.  We will tackle all sorts of life topics and try our best to find help in the Scriptures and each other.

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