Daily encouragement as you follow His path

Attitudes Are Contagious

on January 6, 2012

When you learn that a friend or coworker is sick, you instinctively take a step away from them to protect yourself from their germs.  You care about them, but you don’t want to get sick yourself.  Not only are viruses and bacteria contagious, so are attitudes.  Have you ever been in a good mood only to realize a short while later that you feel lousy mentally?  This has happened to me on occasion and I can usually trace this 180 degree change in my disposition to being around someone who was in a bad mood.  Negative thinking seems to be absorbed by osmosis without any effort from the person in the bad mood or yourself.  The good news is that a good attitude is contagious also.  There are certain people we love to be around and are drawn to because of their sunny disposition.  This is the type of person I am striving to become – someone people want to be around instead of avoid.  So, I continue to monitor my thoughts and make them as positive as possible.  Wish me luck!!  Or, better yet, pray for me.  🙂




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