Daily encouragement as you follow His path

Nature vs. Nurture

on January 18, 2012

There is an age-old debate regarding human development, specifically intelligence.  Some scientists argue that the acquisition of knowledge in humans is more closely correlated with environment than with genetics.  They propose that any human can learn under the right environmental conditions regardless of genetic make up.  Other scientists claim that even in optimal conditions, humans will only learn to the extent of their abilities as defined by their DNA codes.   In my humble opinion, both are valid arguments.  We can even take this debate a step further and apply it to our thinking.  By nature, we tend to focus on negative events.  Often, we replay those scenarios over and over in our minds sometimes years after the event has actually occurred.  We must deliberately think positive.  This can be done by surrounding ourselves with positive influences.  We have to be mindful of the kinds of books we read, the music we listen to, and the shows we watch on TV.  Guarding your mind from the negativity available on the internet is important also.   The types of thoughts we allow in our mind don’t have to be the topic of debate.  We can choose to override nature and nurture positive thoughts by filling our environment with prayer and spending time reading God’s word.


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