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Workplace Negativity

on February 17, 2012

Although I have missed a  couple of days posting to this blog, I have been doing better about updating recently.  The posting has become more regular, but God has been quietly requesting that I reduce the fluff.  In other words, He wants me to dig a little (or a lot!)  deeper and write about some issues that Christians may be grappling with on a daily basis.

The first topic that I will tackle is workplace negativity.  If you have been employed for any length of time, then you probably have experienced this phenomenon.  It is when employee morale hits an all-time low.  It is when you dread going to work.  It is when you start counting down to the weekend on Monday at10am.

I have had quite a few jobs and this situation seems to occur all of a sudden sort of out of the blue.  It really just sneaks up on you.  One day, you are feeling just fine about your work life.  You get up, you go in, and you do your job to the best of your ability with a smile on your face.  Then, you have a conversation with co-worker Z and your perception of the workplace turns south.

He or she brings to light all that is wrong at your company.  Procedures that are ineffective and outdated.  Equipment that is ineffective and outdated.  Even people who are ineffective and outdated.  Pretty soon, your outlook darkens as well.  And the highly contagious disease of workplace negativity spreads to infect yet another employee.

Once you realize what has happened, there are some decisions to be made.  Do I distance myself from “tainted” co-workers?  Do I engage in dialogue with them where I try to be a sun ray shining through thunder clouds? (FYI…this approach is draining!)  Do I find another job?

Before you do anything, you should pray.  Present your situation to the Lord and seek His counsel.  Then, do the hard part.  Wait.  Sometimes, this is the push we need to move on to another opportunity.  But, sometimes this is your new opportunity.

You don’t have to talk about being positive to the naysayers.  You don’t have to post an anonymous appeal for peace in the breakroom.  You have to kill them with kindness.  At some point during your childhood you were told that, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Now is your chance to prove it.

God may give you your walking papers and give you permission to seek new employment.  But if He tells you to stay, then you are responsible for being a light in the darkness at work.  Refrain from talking about people.  Stick to the  issues.  If there is a problem, only entertain discussions about possible solutions.  Be courteous and respectful to all whether it is reciprocated or not.  Do your job like you work for God.  Continue to pray so that God can guide your steps.

I hope this helps…  Have a blessed day!


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