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Is This The Day The Lord Has Made?

on February 29, 2012

Yesterday was a day when I felt attacked in every area of my life – health, family, and job.  The day started terrible and got progressively worse with each second that ticked by.  As I drove in to work this morning, Max Lucado was being interviewed on the radio about his new book.  I didn’t catch the title, but the topic is how Christians find a way to see God on bad days.  Perfect timing…because yesterday I was like,  “Lord you must have gotten me mixed up with someone else.  I cannot handle all you are throwing my way.”   I had to recall power Scriptures to get me through the day. 

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

We were not given spirits of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. 

Today I can look back at yesterday and find many blessings and things to be grateful for.  Truthfully, everyday holds blessings.  We just have to decide to focus on them. 

Yes, God makes everyday.  He even makes our bad days, but He has the power and the authority to turn bad to good. He loves us and is concerned about us.  So whatever we face or go through, He knows about it and feels you will prosper because of or in spite of it.  Trust Him!  Then, rejoice and be glad…


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