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New Year…New Thinking

Happy New Year!!  Welcome to 2012!!  I am grateful that I am alive to see the dawning of another year surrounded by many blessings – family, friends, health, job, and the list could go on forever.  This month I want to focus on training my thoughts to center on things that are of God and to be sure my thoughts are as positive as they can be.  My catchphrase is going to be “My praises outnumber my problems, so I will not complain.”  Lately, I have been guilty of becoming disgruntled over the little things as well as the big things.  I will try my best to remember that my God is bigger than any problem I will ever have.  He is my strength.  He defines my purpose.  So, no matter what happens…I will remain calm and peaceful because my thoughts are on Him.

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DLD in 2012

Christmas is over now and I think this is the perfect segway to think about what we would like to do differently in the new year.  Celebrating the birth of Christ prompts me to want to take advantage of a time of rebirth for myself.  This week has given me an ample amount of time to reflect on years gone by and to plan for the year to come.  I have been praying about some changes that I need to make and have decided to devote each month to a certain area.  For example, during the month of January I will focus on my thinking – controlling what I think about and making sure my thoughts are positive.  Do you have any suggestions of areas that we can concentrate on during the 2012?  Let’s encourage each other through this journey.
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