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Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23: 1
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Last night, I was trying to inject some peace into my household by having “church” with my two children.  They bicker constantly and I end each day in a fatigued heap after playing referee and judge all day.  I really want them to understand why this isn’t the way to behave.  So far, no explanation has been effective enough to deter the bouts.  But, I’m still praying about it.

During “church”, I asked my seven-year-old son if he had any “go to” Bible verses for when he felt angry and upset.  When he answered no, Psalm 23:1 popped into my head.  I heard that verse quoted often by my aunt as a child and although I could repeat it readily, I really didn’t know what it meant.

The magic of that verse, like so many others, is that you can adapt it to fit a myriad of situations.  My children and I talked about what a shepherd’s job was and many definitions of want.  At the end of the discussion, I felt more peaceful and hopefully have armed my two young children with a spiritual weapon that will comfort and protect them whenever they need it.

Upon further reflection, I wondered why I hardly ever pull this verse out of my spiritual arsenal when I am under attack.  Maybe I subconsciously filed this Scripture away because I considered it to be lesser due to its popularity.  Don’t most people know this one?  But, it’s the simplicity that makes it so powerful.  It covers a multitude of situations and is easily remembered.  Why does what is best have to be complicated?  I guess that’s my weird, personal rule.  But, in this case, simple is best and it works everytime.

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