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Have You Forgotten Me, God?

Lately, my life has seemed like a weird rollercoaster…always going down.  Maybe, a few hills going up just a little.  But mostly, my life car has been speeding into valleys full of dark tunnels.  I feel like everything that could go wrong has. Although I am trying to keep my faith strong, I am beginning to question if God remembers the pit that I am in.  I mean, I am a good person.  I pray and go to church and I am sincerely trying to grow spiritually.  Still, I feel defeated and hopeless. Still, I feel like there is more negativity to come.  Still, I am allowing my thoughts to take over and cloud my days. Still, I am worrying about events and situations that have not even occurred.  Still…BE STILL AND KNOW…Maybe it is not that He has forgotten where I am.  Perhaps, it is I who has forgotten who God is.  How mighty and powerful and holy He is.  How He is all-knowing and in control of this expansive universe, including little old me.  I have to remember to focus my thoughts on truth and the Word instead of how I feel and what I think I need.  Keeping my thoughts focused on God will empower me and bring me peace and ultimately, remind me that God loves me and knows my needs before I can utter a word.

Matthew 6:8 NIV Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

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